The Cardio Showroom is a real-time, interactive 3D system for patient consultation.


The Cardio Showroom (CSR) is a real-time, interactive 3D system for patient consultation created to support specialised doctors during consultations with their patients. The system is designed for use in general and specialised outpatient clinics (heart failure clinics, cardiac valve clinics, cardiac rhythm clinics, etc.) and for use in general and specialised cardiology and heart surgery clinics.

The CSR system can also be used for training purposes in the medical technology and pharmaceutical industries, as well as in training programmes for medical staff at nursing schools and medical technical training schools. We produce presentations and projections using the Cardio Showroom system with tailor-made content for each individual client.


CSR Benefits

  • Intuitively operated 3D heart model

  • Animated sequences explain all aspects of how a healthy heart functions: pump function, circulation, heart rhythms and the functioning of the valves.

  • All diseases can be selected systematically, each accompanied by an explanatory animation, using a 3D model that can be displayed with the simple touch of a button. The user can switch to an animation of treatment methods for the disease at any time.

  • The system can be adapted to your individual needs by displaying the client's methods of treating a disease in order of preference.

  • 32" or 42" touch screen monitor.

  • The inside of the heart can be viewed using the touch functions. The blood vessels, the valve structure and the electrical conduction system of the heart can all be displayed.

  • The system fully involves the patients, who can now receive world-class visual support during consultations, increasing their confidence. Many standard questions will no longer have to be addressed thanks to the detailed visual information. You will now be able to go into more depth with your patients without the need for lengthy consultations.